I have Covid.

Uncategorized Aug 10, 2020

I didn't think it would happen to me. 

When I first got my diagnosis, I was so scared, thinking, “This is going to get worse and I'm going to end up in the hospital. Later I found that those thoughts were actually a resistance to getting better. It was like I was bound to the illness by fear. 

After several days of this, I decided to rest completely and allow this virus to pass through me.

As I resigned myself to total self-care, I began to feel better.  


 Where your focus goes is where you will see results. When I was focusing on the negative, I was getting negative results. When I was focused on taking care of myself better, I got better.

I hope that you are caring for yourselves and making time and space for your own well-being. 

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Education = Opportunity

Too many of America’s children grow up without the skills needed to thrive in the twenty-first century. Low levels of performance among the most disadvantaged create long-term problems, particularly in an economy in which higher skill levels are more and more valued and the wages available to less-skilled workers are deteriorating. Inequality persists.

In the photo above, I am in 9th grade, posing with the neighborhood gang's graffiti. I grew up in Downtown LA in an 800-square foot apartment building. The kids in my neighborhood were routinely involved in drugs and gangs. Teen pregnancy was a huge issue. My family was on welfare. Ours was a five-kid, one-parent household. And I was a direct beneficiary of the programs where the city reinvested in at-risk youth programs.

When I was in 12th grade, I was hired to work at a courthouse, and I was paid through the Joint Training Partnership Act which aimed to keep at-risk youth off the streets. The courthouse positioned me in a job...

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Celebrate the little daily wins!

Uncategorized Jul 17, 2020

The key to success is realizing that our big goals aren’t going to happen overnight, in the next week, or maybe even the next year, but it's OK. We tend to focus on end goals rather than the small and significant steps we take to get there.

This is why it’s important to acknowledge and celebrate small wins and acknowledge the importance of the present moment.

Maybe you have just broken your own record in keeping a plant alive, or you made it out for your morning walk every day this week. Small wins give us the strength to reach further. Get excited! Reward yourself a little! Greet the next little win coming your way!

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Speaking Miracles into Existence

Uncategorized Jul 13, 2020

It's no joke. Your words are powerful!

Speaking things into existence, of course, is not really magic (even though it really feels like it). We just need to declare the things we want to happen.

By saying these things out loud, not only are you making a mental note to do what you’ve said, but you are also informing another person of what you want. Once you have shared something like this, the person you've told will probably ask or remind you about it, meaning that you will always have that outside voice advising you toward it, as well as yourself.

Speak about your future with hopefulness, enthusiasm, and knowing!

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Designing Your Future

Uncategorized Jul 06, 2020

You know how to tell the future, right?

You create it! Do you want to create the future?

What is the best case scenario for you ten years from now?

Get out some paper and draw your future! (No artistic talent required!)

How do you want your body and mind to feel?

How much money do you want to have in the bank?

What career do you want?

Where do you want to live?

When you answer these questions, answer with the perfect outcome--no limitations. Don't be scared to go big! 

Then just go through your picture and decide the one small step that could get you closer to what you want. Then the next step, and the next!

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Design Your Life

Uncategorized Jun 26, 2020
I was busy working, on the phone gossiping, and distracted with life. I never had a dream. I always thought this was as good as it gets and with some luck, I'll stay at my job and get small raises along the way and retire at an old age.  There was never enough money to do extraordinary things,  just the basics. I was forever getting by
But one day I began to think about what kind of mother I wanted to be.  I wanted to be the kind of mother who never left her kids at daycare or with babysitters. I wanted to be home with my kids and give them the safety and assurance of being at HOME. 
Soon after I created this vision, I started my first business in my garage while still working a full time job.  Soon after, I left my job and I was working from home. I was able to be the one who drove my kids to and from school, and I was able to be with them at home instead of being in an office and missing out on that time.  I realized that my...
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It was all in my head!

courage family fear lies love truth May 18, 2020

I faced a powerful truth a few years ago. I realized I didn't feel loved. This was hard to admit to myself, never mind anyone else. When I finally plucked up the courage to share it with someone their response crushed me! Watch all about my confession and how I broke through my fear around love, in this two minute video.

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The revolving door that was my love life

Uncategorized May 11, 2020

Have you noticed that life keeps giving you the same lessons again and again until you listen up?  That is exactly what happened with my love life.  After being repeatedly told I wasn't "girlfriend material" I had my aha moment at the back of a church right before the holidays.  Watch this two minute video to see how I shifted out of an old pattern and found true love.

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Two letters from jail...on the same day!

lies miracles secrets truth May 04, 2020

I was riding high, life was going great, except for the dirty little secret I was afraid to share with the world that was eating me up inside. What I discovered was that the more truth I embraced the more miracles showed up in my life.  Watch this two-minute video as I share my dirty little secret and how I stopped telling the lies.

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Breaking Through My Financial Ceiling


The only thing holding me back from becoming a millionaire or even a billionaire was my own financial ceiling.  Now I can clearly see how I broke through it to create the life I enjoy today. 

Watch this two minute video and learn how to play the game of "Wouldn't it be great if..." so that you can break through your financial ceiling too!

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