We Can Make Heroes

We’ve all been traumatized and shaken by recent events. When tragedy hits a community in our country, we feel helpless and wish we could do something to show that we care.

These tragedies hit us hard because they have a way of affecting everyone, whether you're reading about it online or hearing it from a neighbor. The shock and hurt is not limited to the people directly involved, it affects the families and friends left asking questions, the bystanders, the first responders, the community, and the rest of the world. There are long-lasting and far-reaching impacts, including a sense of loss of security, immense sadness and grief, and sometimes we feel anger and hate. Tragedy can make us feel alone. It can make us want to pull back from society to protect ourselves and those we love.

We cannot allow tragedy to isolate us.  Isolation can lead to detachment from others, a feeling of us versus them, and breakdown in community. Community is what keeps us connected and gives us...

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Making a Lasting Impact in the World

My passion is to make a difference in the world, which is why I founded Ortega Counseling Center, to help injured workers back on their feet by finding schools so they can train and get the jobs they love. (Just like I did when I was injured and found myself with no options but to transform my life through education.) My passion for making a difference was reinforced when I met Vania Masías, a professional ballerina with a heart for her people -- to provide hope and social transformation to marginalized kids in Lima, Peru.

I met Vania last in August when I was in Peru on a learning tour with a group of entrepreneurs to listen and learn from Peruvian entrepreneurs on best business practices founded on social impact.

Vania Masías is an internationally acclaimed professional ballerina, having been in the main roles of classical repertoire. She also performed as a modern dancer in Europe and the Caribbean, danced at the Irish National Ballet, and performed for Cirque du...

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