Limited or Limitless?

“The soul becomes dyed by the color of its thoughts.”

— Marcus Aurelius


Often the one thing that prevents you from getting what you want is your mind. 

If you believe there is only one way to do things, you are limiting yourself. If you look at everything in terms of loss and failure, you limit yourself. And we all do these things day after day, without even realizing it.

All of us are born with infinite potential.

Some believe that potential diminishes as we age. I disagree. As we grow up, our potential remains limitless, but we start to believe we are restricted. Limitations have been imposed on us  — by friends, family, the education system, society, ourselves.

The environment I grew up in trained me to have low expectations for my future.

Your mind is powerful and without boundaries. So don’t restrict it with thoughts that limit possibility! Create the idea of what’s “possible” for yourself instead of living...

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