Making a Lasting Impact in the World

My passion is to make a difference in the world, which is why I founded Ortega Counseling Center, to help injured workers back on their feet by finding schools so they can train and get the jobs they love. (Just like I did when I was injured and found myself with no options but to transform my life through education.) My passion for making a difference was reinforced when I met Vania Masías, a professional ballerina with a heart for her people -- to provide hope and social transformation to marginalized kids in Lima, Peru.

I met Vania last in August when I was in Peru on a learning tour with a group of entrepreneurs to listen and learn from Peruvian entrepreneurs on best business practices founded on social impact.

Vania Masías is an internationally acclaimed professional ballerina, having been in the main roles of classical repertoire. She also performed as a modern dancer in Europe and the Caribbean, danced at the Irish National Ballet, and performed for Cirque du...

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Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month!

Uncategorized Sep 16, 2021

I am celebrating the start of Hispanic Heritage Month! Originally established as Hispanic Heritage Week in 1968, and expanded into a month-long holiday period in 1988, Hispanic Heritage Month is a great opportunity to learn about the contributions of Hispanic Americans to our history and culture. For this occasion, I want to share some photos of Latino/a celebrities I have had the pleasure of meeting.  


For over three decades, the United States has celebrated Hispanic Heritage Month. The nationally-recognized celebration,  between September 15 and October 15, grew out of a desire to amplify Latino/a voices and shine a light on the different communities and cultures spread throughout the U.S. It celebrates American diversity and educates people on the positive impact that different Latino/a groups have made on the nation. The celebration gives the Latino/a community space to commemorate their past and look to the future.


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Latina of Influence

My childhood was hard.

It was a miracle if I had lunch money growing up.

I was born in East Los Angeles and raised in downtown L.A. in a 60-unit apartment building filled with cockroaches, rats, and gang members.

My family was broken. Drugs, crime, and jail time was normal for us.

I became a workers' compensation legal secretary, eventually earning $15 dollars per hour. In my family, no one had ever made as much as $15 per hour. To me and my family, I had made it. The American dream was accomplished.

But I knew I was destined for more, I wanted to help people in a bigger way.

I am now entering my 10th year at the head of Ortega Counseling Center, and our non-profit organization, Angels for Injured Workers is still going strong as well. When I became an injured worker myself, I had a lot of strikes against me. I hadn't completed my education, I was a single mother raising three small children, and I had no idea where to turn. This is what fuels my commitment to helping injured...

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Your 10 year vision!

Uncategorized Jan 06, 2021

Have you downloaded the Vision Quest yet?

We often overestimate what we can get done in one day.

Have you ever made a list of 15 things you want to get done and then feel let down when you only finish 8?

In the same way that we overestimate what we can do in one day, we tend to underestimate what we can accomplish over longer periods of time.

A month.
A year.
A decade.

We can be horribly nearsighted!

The most important thing about your vision is that you have one. Your vision drives you to action. I’ve seen it happen time and time again. If you want the life of your dreams to become a reality, this is the single biggest step you can take at this exact moment.

The Vision Quest will help you get honest with yourself and find the 10 year vision that will pull you forward into the life of your dreams! 

Download now!

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2020...full of surprises that no one asked for!

As we close out this year, I want to acknowledge the struggles we have all been through. Along with the things that have hit me personally, I have witnessed the battles and distress of our clients and friends. I see the losses. I feel the trepidation of moving into 2021. I understand.

But even though 2020 has been one for the books (to put it mildly), I can’t help but see some incredible growth and love that has come out of it. I am not someone who goes for “toxic positivity,” but I still see some remarkable magic that has happened in the last twelve months.

Closer relationships from further away. We checked in with our people and rekindled relationships over the phone or via FaceTime and Zoom. I know people who haven’t spoken in 25 years, but who are now communicating weekly and are even working together on artistic projects.

Communities coming together. People have been running errands and buying groceries for their neighbors who are at risk and not able to...

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Building your dreams in 3 steps!

Uncategorized Nov 11, 2020

I was asked an interesting question yesterday and I want to share the message with you! 

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I have Covid.

Uncategorized Aug 10, 2020

I didn't think it would happen to me. 

When I first got my diagnosis, I was so scared, thinking, “This is going to get worse and I'm going to end up in the hospital. Later I found that those thoughts were actually a resistance to getting better. It was like I was bound to the illness by fear. 

After several days of this, I decided to rest completely and allow this virus to pass through me.

As I resigned myself to total self-care, I began to feel better.  


 Where your focus goes is where you will see results. When I was focusing on the negative, I was getting negative results. When I was focused on taking care of myself better, I got better.

I hope that you are caring for yourselves and making time and space for your own well-being. 

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Education = Opportunity

Too many of America’s children grow up without the skills needed to thrive in the twenty-first century. Low levels of performance among the most disadvantaged create long-term problems, particularly in an economy in which higher skill levels are more and more valued and the wages available to less-skilled workers are deteriorating. Inequality persists.

In the photo above, I am in 9th grade, posing with the neighborhood gang's graffiti. I grew up in Downtown LA in an 800-square foot apartment building. The kids in my neighborhood were routinely involved in drugs and gangs. Teen pregnancy was a huge issue. My family was on welfare. Ours was a five-kid, one-parent household. And I was a direct beneficiary of the programs where the city reinvested in at-risk youth programs.

When I was in 12th grade, I was hired to work at a courthouse, and I was paid through the Joint Training Partnership Act which aimed to keep at-risk youth off the streets. The courthouse positioned me in a job...

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Celebrate the little daily wins!

Uncategorized Jul 17, 2020

The key to success is realizing that our big goals aren’t going to happen overnight, in the next week, or maybe even the next year, but it's OK. We tend to focus on end goals rather than the small and significant steps we take to get there.

This is why it’s important to acknowledge and celebrate small wins and acknowledge the importance of the present moment.

Maybe you have just broken your own record in keeping a plant alive, or you made it out for your morning walk every day this week. Small wins give us the strength to reach further. Get excited! Reward yourself a little! Greet the next little win coming your way!

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Speaking Miracles into Existence

Uncategorized Jul 13, 2020

It's no joke. Your words are powerful!

Speaking things into existence, of course, is not really magic (even though it really feels like it). We just need to declare the things we want to happen.

By saying these things out loud, not only are you making a mental note to do what you’ve said, but you are also informing another person of what you want. Once you have shared something like this, the person you've told will probably ask or remind you about it, meaning that you will always have that outside voice advising you toward it, as well as yourself.

Speak about your future with hopefulness, enthusiasm, and knowing!

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