We Can Make Heroes

We’ve all been traumatized and shaken by recent events. When tragedy hits a community in our country, we feel helpless and wish we could do something to show that we care.

These tragedies hit us hard because they have a way of affecting everyone, whether you're reading about it online or hearing it from a neighbor. The shock and hurt is not limited to the people directly involved, it affects the families and friends left asking questions, the bystanders, the first responders, the community, and the rest of the world. There are long-lasting and far-reaching impacts, including a sense of loss of security, immense sadness and grief, and sometimes we feel anger and hate. Tragedy can make us feel alone. It can make us want to pull back from society to protect ourselves and those we love.

We cannot allow tragedy to isolate us.  Isolation can lead to detachment from others, a feeling of us versus them, and breakdown in community. Community is what keeps us connected and gives us strength. It can be a physical community, or an online community. Everyone plays an important role and everyone matters. You matter – never forget that.

My own upbringing was fraught with violence and fear. Growing up, gunfire was the soundtrack to my gang-filled neighborhood and there was an overwhelming feeling of helplessness to do anything about it. But over the years, I have learned that we have power. We don’t have to wring our hands and wish we could do something to help our communities. When we become involved, make a concerted effort to insert ourselves into something outside of our daily routine, be a part of something bigger than ourselves, we can make massive positive change. 

About a year ago, I started working to help a school in Uganda called Garden of Knowledge and I posted about it on Facebook. My friends and family read about it and wanted to help, but didn’t know how. This felt like the perfect opportunity to help people to stop feeling helpless!

We started High Tide Global foundation to give people a place to show that they care. We intend to change one billion lives by 2032 by investing in educational opportunities for deprived women, men, and children from Los Angeles to Mexico, East Africa and beyond. Our community works to provide access to education and personal empowerment to students worldwide by bringing funding for educational programs, improved infrastructure, and motivational classes.

We are bringing The Superhero program into schools, which teaches students how to tap into their inner strength and confidence. This allows them to become stronger and adopt a healthier mindset and project this confidence and knowledge to their friends and classmates. Through our Superhero program, they become builders of their own foundation to create a better future for themselves. The Superhero program includes the educators, parents, and guardians, so they can be the support the student needs.

We can be heroes for today’s children. We can give them a pathway that builds them up and shows them that they matter too. They have a beautiful future that we are ready to help build with them. We can bring them hope and empower them to bring it to the generations ahead.

Take action. Give people a reason to feel optimistic. Join the High Tide Global community and raise the tide today. 


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