The Mastery of Miracles Online Course

Have You Ever Wished for More Miracles in Your Life?



Are you ready to open up to more miracles? Learn how to create the space to manifest unexpected wonders and have miracles show up in your everyday life.

Dolores H.

Hazel takes you on a step by step journey on how to manifest miracles. The Matery of Miracles program is the one gently guided process to the life I always dreamed of. Thank you!

Myrna M.

What a gift! Hazel shares how she created and continues to create a life she wants.  What life am I going to create? The possibilities are infinite. I loved every bit.

Sophia J. Parker

The lessons Hazel shares come from her courage to continuously transform herself. Thank you for this gift!

The exercises,

videos and worksheets in this program will guide you through all of the individual modules.

Hazel Ortega

For years Hazel Ortega believed that her story was so much worse than anyone else's and she let it define her.

Today, she realizes that her story shaped who she is now, a best-selling author and serial entrepreneur with several multi-million dollar businesses including one of L.A.'s top restaurants. Hazel turned on the lights, learned to see the miracles, and how to show other people the way to make their dreams come true too. 

Hazel is a master of miracles...and so are you.

Do you want miracles in your life?

Learn the exact steps Hazel took to move from welfare, chaos and bounced checks to private jets, abundance and a drama-free life, full of miracles.

Lisa D.

I unearthed some fears that I didn't realize were still lurking around. I took inventory and felt incredible gratitude for the people in my life and how I want to honor them. Hazel helped me get a better grasp on what I want and what I need to do to get it!

Faith W.

Hazel’s story is so incredibly inspiring. She takes the skills and methods she used to gain the life she wanted and guides you towards how to manifest your own amazing life. After taking her course, I feel a positivity that I haven’t experienced in years. Thank you!




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