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Uncategorized Jun 26, 2020
I was busy working, on the phone gossiping, and distracted with life. I never had a dream. I always thought this was as good as it gets and with some luck, I'll stay at my job and get small raises along the way and retire at an old age.  There was never enough money to do extraordinary things,  just the basics. I was forever getting by
But one day I began to think about what kind of mother I wanted to be.  I wanted to be the kind of mother who never left her kids at daycare or with babysitters. I wanted to be home with my kids and give them the safety and assurance of being at HOME. 
Soon after I created this vision, I started my first business in my garage while still working a full time job.  Soon after, I left my job and I was working from home. I was able to be the one who drove my kids to and from school, and I was able to be with them at home instead of being in an office and missing out on that time.  I realized that my vision,--my DREAM had come true.  I never even thought it was possible but I allowed myself to dream it. . . I left it in God's hands and he delivered at lightning speed. 
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